The last Amber Web Solutions website had a good innings but it was well overdue a make-over. As the saying goes it was like a plumbers house – leaky pipes in need of attention but client work comes first.

More and more websites are been viewed on smaller devices such as phones and tablets, although fixed size desktop websites can be zoomed on a small screen, this gets tedious for the regular visitor.

This new website has been designed to look good on different screen sizes, it changes size and structure depending on whether you are viewing on a mobile, tablet or desktop screen – test it out!

This has been termed “Responsive” Web Design and it enables a website to look its best on smaller screens without having to lose its design, content or images.

Making a website responsive involves more development work, and therefore more cost, but can be worth the investment in the long run. Deciding whether to make your website responsive depends on its audience and how they are viewing the site now or how they are likely to use the site in the future.

For more information on responsive websites contact me